J.B. Lund Dock & Lifts

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JB Lund’s Roll-In Dock system boast a lightweight classic design, and provide the ultimate ease going in and coming out of the water.  Sturdy aluminum trusses with triple stringers and 2 3/8” OD aluminum legs mean your dock won’t shift or flex.  Removable 4×4 foot decking panels allow you to match your dock to your needs and environment.


8ft • 12ft • 16ft SECTIONS

JB Lund Docks can be configured to either Roll-In or Sectional Systems to meet your lake shore requirements.

2 3/8” OD aluminum posts provide a solid foundation for the JB Lund Sectional Docks and provides the dock owner with a solid sense of security.

With the combination of tubular aluminum construction and maintenance free decking, you will enjoy the benefits of a JB Lund Dock for many years.